before & after


These before and after pictures merely show how important it is to have professional portraits taken. There is no substitute for professionally captured and finished portraits.

These are images to be remembered by.

We love to take stunning portraits in our East Aurora NY studio. Women come to our studio from all over our great city of Buffalo NY and beyond to experience the awesome feeling of having amazing portraits taken of themselves. Ever dreamed of how you could look if you were photographed at the same standards  a model or actress gets in a magazine editorial? We would love to give you portraits you can keep forever that show you the difference between your own selfie taken picture and a professionally photographed portrait of you. If you have just been married and want bridal portraits in your wedding dress or maybe you would like some boudoir portraits to give your significant other as a special gift or maybe you would like to take Beauty/Glamour portraits to mark a special occasion or milestone, birthday or accomplishment. Maybe you are pregnant and want stunning Maternity portraits or maybe you want to capture some lovely portraits with your daughter. You might have a business and need images that go beyond the standard headshot portrait and are more like Personal Branding portraits used to represent your personality within your brand.  Whatever the reason, isn't it time you took care of yourself and created some remarkable and glamorous portraits for you?



Zoe: "She has a great eye for color, composition and knows how to get the very best from her subjects."