BOUDOIR Portraits



It all started when…

We love to help build your confidence and believe in your own natural beauty through our Boudoir photo shoots. Our studio located in East Aurora is in a lovely private setting where you can feel relaxed and carefree. Natasha photographs women all over Buffalo and beyond. We particularly enjoy catering to Brides looking for the ultimate Groom’s gift idea. We have gorgeous albums that you will love. We pride ourselves on building self confidence in women and helping them realize their true beauty. If you live in the Buffalo area and are seeking Boudoir photography, then we encourage you to look at the gallery to see if this is the style that suits you best. Natasha loved the idea of photographing Boudoir photos for women after years of photographing Brides. Often asked to take a few lingerie portraits of the bride before a wedding, she could see how many women could really benefit from having gorgeous images of themselves to enjoy. Natasha believes that is an important part of our self esteem to feel good about ourselves when we see ourselves dressed in lingerie. “It is a really healthy thing for a woman to have a confidence about herself and the way she looks. I want women to truly believe in their beauty. I feel a positive self esteem is a powerful thing and it can impact their lives in a very healthy way. Not to mention it is just really fun to have some gorgeous portraits of yourself!!” We would love to hear from you and your interest in a boudoir portrait session -reach out to us today!