about natasha


Here's a little bit about me, in case you were wondering...


  • I'm an Aussie girl. So yes, you may hear me say a lot of words that end with 'ie" like sunnies, cossie, hubbie, and you might hear a bit of 'ay' in there too - generally some strange things coming out of my mouth. A few bits and bobs you may not have heard of before, but don't worry mate, she'll be right!

  • I love vintage clothing but hardly ever wear it.

  • I love my family very much - especially my hubbie and two boys.

  • I take great joy in seeing beauty in everyone - I constantly imagine how they'd look if they let me photograph them! So if you find me staring at you, that's why!

  • I'm a bit of a vitamin freak and tell everyone how much I love different vitamins.

  • I have two cats - Miko and Shewae.

  • I LOVE horses and used to ride when I was a kid - I now get lessons for myself and my boys!

  • I love to laugh! I'm always searching for an opportunity to kick back with friends and laugh.

  • I like being happy - I'm a glass is half full kinda girl and live optimistically and love the feeling of happiness.

  • My favorite colors are pink and emerald green and I love how well they go together.

  • I like to use the word 'love'...a lot...sorry...

  • I have a secret fantasy of one day wearing a stunning red dress and being whisked away on a plane (aka Pretty Woman/Julia Roberts) - or being professionally photographed looking stunning in it (lol). Actually, on second thoughts, ditch the plane idea and turn it into being photographed - professionally of course!

  • I love food and wine, oh and cheese and crackers and wine, or just wine, yes, I love wine.

  • I love my countries and am a citizen of 3! Born in New Zealand, grew up in Australia and lived my adult life in the USA, phew!

  • I love photography - I was only 12 when I told my photography teacher I wanted to be a photographer!

  • I like to use the exclamation mark - a lot...sorry!!!

  • Despite how it may appear, I'm reasonably quiet and gently spoken...no really :)...well, at least I think I am...although my husband may have a different opinion on this statement (lol)!

  • Finally - and this is so true, you gotta believe me when I say that I LOVE to photograph women and make them look and feel AMAZING! xx


Photographing my first wedding at the age of 19, I went on to study photography and completed my degree in Visual Communication, majoring in Photography in 2000. After a move to the United States with my American husband and some time spent working for Kodak, I started my own professional photography business in 2002, photographing weddings. Now  I work solely as a portrait photographer and love my portrait studio which is based in East Aurora NY. The studio caters to mostly female clients shooting portraits for Boudoir, specializing in Bridal Boudoir. We also shoot Women’s Portraits in Beauty, Maternity and Personal Branding. We offer photographic services to clients in Buffalo and throughout the Western New York region.