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let's talk a little about the photography we shoot at natasha staszak photography - is a portrait session with us right for you?

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Our studio based in East Aurora, a town in Buffalo NY, specializes in taking beautiful portraits of women. These portraits are created with a vision to make you look and feel amazing. They are photographed in a way that excites our clients at seeing how absolutely beautiful they truly are when photographed by a professional as opposed to an amateur snap shot. We are a boutique portrait studio offering women a personalized experience where your portrait session is crafted to suit you. We take care of you from your  initial consultation to your portrait session and afterwards when we assist you in choosing, printing and displaying your favorite images from the session. You are taken care of from start to finish so that you enjoy the experience much like you would a Caribbean vacation!

We aim to please, the photographic standards are the highest, but we keep the atmosphere relaxed and friendly.

Your portraits are meant to be displayed! It is highly recommended to have at least one portrait for your wall and others in a lovely folio box for easy change over of display - see our products for more info.

A popular option for Beauty portraits is to share your session with someone! Celebrate Mother's Day or her birthday by being photographed together! Bring your mother, daughter, best friend, husband or anyone else you would like to to share the session with you - that way it can be a social event too. The men and children can always join you toward the end for part of your session.

That is it in a nutshell! Pretty simple, really!