beauty + maternity + personal branding


Beautiful portraits for Women, Maternity and Personal Branding. As time goes by, do you ever wish you had more pictures of yourself? It is hard to get in front of the camera, but it is so important to remember ourselves and exist in photos!  Our purpose at our wonderful portrait studio based in East Aurora, NY is to create absolutely stunning portraits you will LOVE! Our portrait sessions are tailored for your needs. We specialize in taking stunning portraits for women with full professional hair and make up service included. There is a wide variety of end use options for your portraits, but whatever the reason you have to be professionally photographed, you can know that you will receive stunning portraits you will not only be proud to show off, but you will be truly excited to share with your friends and family. We cater to women who are looking for portraits of themselves that are stunning Beauty portraits (aka modern Glamour), Boudoir portraits and Maternity portraits are also a very popular choice for people - beautiful portraits of you with your hair and make up done and looking stunning. Portraits can be used as personal images for you to keep and display in your home and to give as gifts to friends and family and to display online. You may need some or all of your portraits to be used for professional use for brochures, magazines, business cards, your business website, social media and for general professional marketing purposes. There are so many different occupations that can benefit from a professional series of portraits they can use in their workplace and business application. Help establish your brands identity and business presence with engaging portraits of you. We can work with you to create the look you are going for and that helps you stand out from the crowd. Contact us today to discuss your needs. Another great way to utilize our services is as a gift for a loved one - a portrait session makes a wonderful Mother's Day, Birthday or Christmas gift. What is great is you can also book a session for two people so you can participate in the session too! Another great idea is to bring in your wedding dress - if you are recently married or even if it has been a few years, why not bring in your dress and get some truly stunning portraits that you just may not have had the time to do on your wedding day - and yes you can bring your husband too! As you can see, the options are endless - whatever your reason though, we know you are going to love your portraits!