no journey is complete until you have something tangible in your hands. absolutely beautiful products to complement the woman that you are.

ladies, it is time to create a legacy portrait you can be proud of and that reminds you of the woman you are now.

Pictures of Folio Product offering


This is the must have item all the ladies love. It is essentially an album alternative and it is fantastic because each portrait is individually matted and can be taken out and displayed on its own. Portraits can easily be slipped into an 11x14 frame and periodically rotated or put in several frames or displayed on an easel or stay safely in the folio box. The versatility and beauty of the folio makes it the number one choice in our studio.

Wall art

Would you like to see your portraits on display? Plus we're sure you would like to see some of your portraits larger too. A beautiful piece of wall art is the perfect option. Choose from canvas or framed art in various size options. One or several wall pieces make the perfect accompaniment to your folio.

Natasha Staszak Photography Wall Art Product Options

Natasha Staszak Photography Gallery Wall Art options. 24x36 Collage Wall Art Canvas

Mural wall art

The perfect option when you want to display several images in one piece of wall art. Choose from a selection of your favorite portraits that complement each other and we will artistically create a compilation of images for you. Displayed as a beautiful 24x36 inch wall canvas.


Our beautiful photographic products have been chosen for their stunning quality, beauty and function. Adaptable products that can be displayed in a variety of ways. We have a firm belief that your portraits are not finished unless you are holding them in your hands. Not only do we take great care of you through the process of choosing your portraits, we create works of art you can be proud of and will enjoy viewing and sharing them now and in the years to come. Everything is taken care of in our East Aurora NY portrait studio and we are there to help you every step of the way.