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Tween girl portrait shoot by Buffalo Portrait Photographer Natasha Staszak Photography

As our children grow, there are a few moments where photographing them is particularly special…

Newborn, 6-9 months (sitters), 3-5 years and High School Seniors. Now, I’m not sure if you noticed something as I listed those special moments, so I’ll just go ahead and point it out. Do you notice that there is a large gap between the 3-5 years and the Senior portraits? That is exactly why I believe a Tween shoot is so important! Tween is an awesome age because they are on the cusp of something new - they are not quite children, not quite teens. A Tween portrait is the perfect time to see a little bit of both worlds in your child - the bridge where you can still see your baby, but also begin to see the young woman she is growing into. This is exactly what I mean by gone with the wind - the child is leaving so quickly and it is the optimum time to capture her before she is gone.

A little bit of child, a little bit of teen - tween portraits.

What is fantastic about a Tween portrait session is that you can see a little bit of child in some photos and a little bit of teen in others.

Capture Tweens in a portrait session before they are all grown up.

“I booked a photo shoot with Natasha for my daughters 13th birthday. Natasha really went out of her way to make it a special day, [with] hair and makeup professionally done. It felt like the perfect birthday gift for a teenager, a fantastic celebration of this milestone in her life and awesome memory, as Natasha's photos from the day are just beautiful.” Ms. E

Tween girl photo shoot by Buffalo Portrait Photographer - Natasha Staszak Photography

The teen spirit definitely resonates in this image above.

Portrait Photographer Buffalo - girl tween picture
Girl photo shoot - studio portrait Buffalo NY

sparkles are always good at any photo shoot!

Buffalo Portrait photo studio Natasha Staszak Photography. Tween Girl sitting on chair.
Buffalo Portrait Photographer Natasha Staszak. Girl standing studio photo shoot.

your daughter will love this experience as much as you will love the portraits.


for me, The aim of a tween portrait session is the same as any other portrait session - that is to take gorgeous photos that show a little bit of soul - the eyes have it.

Tween girl close up portrait - Buffalo portrait studio - Natasha Staszak Photography.
Portrait photo shoot Buffalo NY. Wind blown hair.

Those soulful eyes definitely have it!

Portrait shoot in Buffalo NY. Tween wearing sparkly dress.

Are you someone who would love a session like this for your own daughter or know a friend or family member who would be interested? I am only an email away! I encourage you to reach out so that we can set up a time to chat. Chatting is always the best way to learn about your particular needs and help me design a session with you in mind. I would love to talk to you about a portrait photo shoot experience and look forward to it!

Like what you see and want to see more? I encourage you to check out my BEAUTY PORTRAIT GALLERY !

Chat soon lovely,

Tash xx

Tween portrait session in studio in Buffalo NY - Natasha Staszak Photography.
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