In the lead up to Mothers Day I wanted to continue my Strong Mothers series with a focus on the two ladies that inspired the idea in the first place.  Janelle is a mother who runs her own business as a fitness coach offering both bootcamps and personal trainer sessions.  She is based in the Northern Sydney suburb of Beecroft.  Janelle works tirelessly to help and encourage her clients to do their best to reach their health and fitness goals.  

What I like most about Janelle is how approachable she is.  Not a fitness fanatic myself, one can tend to feel intimidated by the idea of having a fitness trainer in your life.  Janelle is so friendly and easy going and her attitude is so non-judgmental, it is easy to see why she has become so successful with what she does.

We all know it is hard work being a Mother.  Add working-employment to the equation and life becomes a balancing act.  I am thankful for people like Janelle who help make it easy to put some healthy balance back in people's lives.  It is worth taking care of ourselves and our bodies and an added benefit is we get some much needed time out while we do it!

Here are a few things about Janelle to help you get to know her a little more...
Janelle has two children Jasmine (7) and Jack (5).  She loves playing games and lego with her children.
Janelle loves to read - she reads every day.

She also loves going to the beach with her family and she loves a champagne or two and eating out.  If you would like to know more about Janelle, check out her NESH website.

Rhonda is Janelle's Mother and a true survivor.  We all have our battles in life but in 2014, Rhonda faced one particular battle that required a strong sense of courage and will power to defeat.  Rhonda was diagnosed with breast cancer.  After diagnosis, Rhonda had a double mastectomy and chemotherapy in the same year.  I would see Rhonda from time to time - these photographs were taken shortly before her chemotherapy begun - and it was always her attitude that struck me.  She was very upbeat and you could immediately tell, she was a fighter.  Strong, candid, sincere, Rhonda is beautiful inside and out.  I constantly witnessed her strong, courageous spirit - both during our session and after, when I saw her going through chemo and recovering from the battle that she was facing. 

But Rhonda is more than a story, she is a woman who loves life and gives it her all.  Here are a few tit bits about Rhonda...

Her children and grandchildren are the most important things in her life and she loves to spend her time with her family as well as friends.
Keeping fit and healthy is a big part of Rhonda's life and she is regularly involved with Janelle's fitness business.

She loves to eat out and treat herself to good restaurants and sample some nice wines.
Yet, she is just as happy at home, especially in her garden.

There were special moments throughout our session.  Moments when these two women looked at each other and really appreciated the bond of love they share and the strength of courage and spirit they both have.  I felt honored they let me into their world for a little so I could capture both their strength and their bond.  All the best ladies to a strong and healthy future! 

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