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A note to you…

Hello Lovely Lady!


Hey You. Are you  excited about the idea of having some amazing Boudoir or Beauty portraits taken?

Am I your photographer? I want you to enjoy this experience and I want it to exceed your expectations, but first we need to work out if we are a good fit. It’s important that you hire the best photographer for YOUR needs and I’m NOT the right photographer for everyone. So let’s work out if we’re going to be a good fit for each other. Everyone is a little different and I want to explain what I do and if that is what you want, then that is a great start!

I think we will be a great fit if you…

  • Want soft, elegant, beautiful boudoir or beauty portraits.

  • Want to work in a calm, relaxed, easy going environment where you are not rushed through your portrait session.

  • Want to enjoy a day experience with full hair and make up, drinks and snacks, shooting, chatting and laughing.

  • Want to enjoy a complete service experience where you are taken care of through the entire process from choosing outfits to seeing beautifully edited portraits.

  • Want to create a beautiful high-end album you can be proud of.

  • And you don’t mind the Aussie accent!!

    We are not a good fit if you…

  • Do not want to plan out your session and outfits with your photographer.

  • Want a few photos taken in limited time frame.

  • Only want the digital files and no products from your photographer.



This really isn't about me. I hope you get that by now. You come first - both on this page (you up there, me down here) and during your portrait experience. The only reason I am down here on this page is for YOU to feel more comfortable around me, so that when you get to your portrait session, your experience is amazing and you are comfortable around me and can trust me. So, if you do want to know a little about little ol' me, you're invited to click that button below...


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the blog is filled not only with portrait sessions but with interesting and informative topics for women, some behind the scenes and many other things that might take your fancy!

contact us if you would like more info or are interested in booking your portrait experience.


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The blog is filled not only with portrait sessions but with interesting info for women, some behind the scenes and anything else is of interest to us ladies!


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Contact us if you would like more info or are interested in booking your portrait experience. We would love to hear from you!


east aurora ny

our town, east aurora ny, located in the south towns of buffalo ny, right next to orchard park and lancaster, is the perfect place to enjoy after your portrait session.


Our wonderful portrait studio is based in East Aurora NY. At the studio we cater to mostly female clients shooting portraits for Beauty (otherwise known as Glamour), Boudoir, and Maternity. Natasha Staszak Photography has been operating as a professional photography studio since 2002, offering photographic services to clients in Buffalo and throughout Western New York.