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"Nothing makes a woman look more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful." - sophia loren

Hey You. Are you  excited about the idea of having some amazing Boudoir or Beauty portraits taken by one of Buffalo NY's top photographers? "But I don't need portraits like this". You are thinking that aren't you? Don't worry, we all do! But in today's culture of cell phones and selfies, we forget the necessity of quality portraits to be remembered by. A camera on our cell phone just means we are satisfied with an inferior portrait of ourselves - we forget how awesome we can look when photographed by a professional and believe me, the difference is OUTSTANDING! 

Why do we always look worse in photos than how we look in front of the mirror? Did you ever wonder that? We judge our looks based on the photos we see, no matter how bad it is. We tell ourselves "I'm just not very photogenic" or even worse "I'm not that pretty." But did you take time to consider that the problem is far more likely to be other factors such as whomever took the picture, how you were posed, your expression the moment the picture was taken and the kind of lighting you were photographed in? Can you be a fantastic pianist just because you have a piano in your living room?  Just because we all have cameras doesn't mean we can all take fantastic portraits of ourselves or each other. In fact 9 times out of 10 we look way worse in snap shots than how we appear in real life - don't judge your appearance by these non-professional portraits - they are not doing you any justice and are not showing you off as those around you see you.

A professional portrait will show the true you off  - the one when you most love the way you look...that cute, confident smile we give ourselves in the mirror, that flirtatious nod, that curve in our body that highlights our assets, that feeling of being beautiful and confident.

You are worth it. You are worth taking the time, living the experience and having a professional portrait session that reminds you and those around you of what a strong, determined, talented and dynamic woman you are. Let them see your soul, let them see your spirit, let them see how amazing you are. Let them see a TRUE portrait of the woman you are



This really isn't about me. I hope you get that by now. You come first - both on this page (you up there, me down here) and during your portrait experience. The only reason I am down here on this page is for YOU to feel more comfortable around me, so that when you get to your portrait session, your experience is amazing and you are comfortable around me and can trust me. So, if you do want to know a little about little ol' me, you're invited to click that button below...


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The blog is filled not only with portrait sessions but with interesting info for women, some behind the scenes and anything else is of interest to us ladies!


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our town, east aurora ny, located in the south towns of buffalo ny, right next to orchard park and lancaster, is the perfect place to enjoy after your portrait session.


Our wonderful portrait studio is based in East Aurora NY. At the studio we cater to mostly female clients shooting portraits for Beauty (otherwise known as Glamour), Boudoir, and Maternity. Natasha Staszak Photography has been operating as a professional photography studio since 2002, offering photographic services to clients in Buffalo and throughout Western New York.