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Is a Boudoir photo shoot on your bucket list? Well of course I think it should be and here is why…

So yes, I think having a Boudoir portrait session is definitely a bucket list item, no doubt about it. Firstly, I need to dispel some of the common myths a lot of us have about boudoir photography. ..

Do you feel that a Boudoir shoot is only for the brave?

Do you think only those really confident women who are “into that sort of thing” are the women who run out and get boudoir shoots done? Well, maybe that is the case in some photography studios, but I can tell you, absolutely, without a doubt, I have not met one of those women yet! Every woman I have met is the girl next door type who is a little nervous about doing the shoot but confident enough in themselves, myself and the process that they are willing to take the plunge.

Boudoir photography Buffalo woman lying on bed

The process of a Boudoir photo shoot is a lot less intimidating than you might think. For one, my approach is very easy going, and you will find yourself relaxing and enjoying yourself in no time. You definitely do not need to be intimidated by the process, my sole aim is to take gorgeous photos of you.

Your dream boudoir photo shoot experience in our Buffalo Studio

Natasha was WONDERFUL! I loved my boudoir photo shoot so much! Everything about it! Natasha and I spoke on the phone ahead of the shoot, we discussed my style, my comfort level, and even how I should feel – beautiful in my own skin. I shopped following her suggestions and brought lots of outfit options. I loved the day of my shoot – I felt super relaxed and comfortable in the studio. It’s beautiful and private and relaxing. Natasha is amazing behind the camera. She coaches and encourages and gives you confidence. - Ms. J

woman lying down Buffalo Boudoir photo studio. Woman in red bodysuit.

One of the ways I help you feel more confident during your boudoir shoot is by simply getting to know you a little before the photo shoot. By talking on the phone a couple of times and possibly even doing a video chat, it allows us to break down those walls and helps you feel more comfortable around me. I want my clients to see me as a potential friend who just happens to take some really good photos of them. This is important because the more relaxed you are during your session, the more your personality will show and the more the pictures will represent YOU.

Boudoir Photographer Buffalo - Woman in red bodysuit
Boudoir Buffalo Photo shoot - B&W of woman standing.

are you afraid of what to wear to a boudoir shoot?

Another reason people feel they could not put a boudoir shoot on their bucket list is that they feel intimidated by what they “should” wear for the shoot. Well, I would like to say you can wear what makes you feel good about yourself. This beautiful lady wore these stunning bodysuits as part of her session and she looks GORGEOUS doesn’t she? Essentially this is nothing different from what you may wear to the beach and she looks stunning while still being discreet. You need to wear what makes you feel comfortable and that is OK. If you are comfortable with what you wear, it will show in the portraits as confidence.


You’ll really love your entire photo shoot experience!

Buffalo Boudoir photo studio Natasha Staszak Photography. Woman with bodysuit and wrap.
Buffalo Boudoir Photographer Natasha Staszak. Woman in chair boudoir shoot.

Check out this Gorgeous outfit she chose for her boudoir session - just stunning and BECAUSE SHE IS COMFORTABLE, IT shows off her personality perfectly!


for me, The aim of a boudoir session is the same as any other portrait session - that is take gorgeous photos that show off your personality.


She really brings out the best in you and captures it on film in the most remarkable way. Ms. J

Woman in bodysuit boudoir shoot - Buffalo boudoir Natasha Staszak.

Sometimes you don’t need to wear lingerie at all for your boudoir shoot. I always suggest clients bring some cute outfits like shorts and T-Shirts or baggy off-the-shoulder sweaters. you can have a lot of fun with different looks!

Boudoir photo shoot Buffalo NY. Wearing jean short and white t-shirt.
Boudoir shoot in Buffalo NY. Woman wearing wrap and bodysuit.

are you afraid of privacy with sharing your boudoir portraits?

This is something you do not need to worry yourself about. All boudoir portraits I present are shown with permission from my clients. For instance with this portrait session there are MANY more stunning images that were deemed too hot for the internet!! While I love it when my clients graciously allow me to share their portraits, I understand that can’t always be the case. It is not a problem if you choose to not share some or all of your portraits, it is up to you.

Is a Boudoir photo shoot on your bucket list? Buffalo Boudoir photography Natasha Staszak. Woman on bed red bodysuit.

A SNEAK peek of one stunning outfit that we shot for hubby’s eyes only.

After my shoot I couldn’t wait to see the results. I was stunned at my appointment. I brought my husband, because in my mind, the photos were for him. He was blown away. He loved every single photo. Ms. J

Hopefully I have introduced you a little more into the world of Boudoir Photography and shown you that it doesn’t need to fit a certain mold, but can suit you and your comfort levels and be a way of expressing and celebrating that something that is uniquely YOU. So this is why I believe it should be on every woman’s bucket list as a wonderful way to celebrate the woman that YOU are!

Are you someone who has considered a Boudoir photo shoot? Perhaps a Boudoir portrait session is already on your bucket list or after reading this post it is! Perhaps you have a friend you know who you think would be interested in such an experience? I encourage you to reach out to me so that we can have a chat! I would love to talk to you about your own Boudoir Photo shoot experience!

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