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Helping my clients plan the outfits for their boudoir photo shoot is one of my favorite things!

Today I am going to walk you through a Bridal Boudoir Photo shoot and give you some tips on what to wear…

definitely bring something white…

I encourage my Brides to bring at least 1-2 Bridal pieces. From delicate white teddies and bodysuits to your veil, bridal shoes, white stockings and even novelty pieces, you can celebrate the purpose of your session!

Boudoir photography Buffalo woman lying on bed

Novelty pieces can be underwear with “Bride” written on them. I even photographed a super cute set with a tiny tulle train on the back of the underwear! Nightwear blouses with “Bride” stitched on the back and tank tops with “Wifey” on the front have all been cute additions to a shoot. Also, if you have a robe you will use on your wedding day we can incorporate that into your boudoir session.

Your dream bridal boudoir photo shoot experience in our Buffalo Studio

“Before this year, did I ever think I would participate in a boudoir shoot?! No way!!! However I have been, as Beyoncé once said, “feelin’ myself” after getting in shape for my upcoming wedding... and I wanted to celebrate that, for me and my fiancé. Natasha made the experience so fun, so comfortable and amazing. I never felt weird or nervous or scared. She called me ahead of time to help me prepare for the experience and answer all my questions and ease my worries. And her photos turned out so beautiful, it was so hard to pick and choose!! I can’t wait to show my fiancé!! Thank you so much Natasha!” Ms. M

Bridal Boudoir in our Buffalo NY Studio

Bring a couple of white or ivory lingerie pieces to show off the bride part of your photo shoot.

Number one groom’s gift - bridal boudoir

As far as the flow of the Bridal Boudoir session goes, you would spend the bulk of your time wearing the lingerie pieces and toward the end of your photo shoot, you could wear the “novelty” outfits described above.

Boudoir Photographer Buffalo - Woman in white bodysuit
Boudoir Buffalo Photo shoot - white lingerie of woman standing near window.

choose pieces that work with your body type

This is the fun part ladies! Take the time to plan your outfits and make sure they fit you well. Flattering and well fitting lingerie is key to creating boudoir pictures you and your man will swoon over!

Bridal Boudoir is the ultimate groom’s gift!
Bridal Boudoir - the gift your fiance will LOVE!

Delicate lace detail in your lingerie can make for some beautiful boudoir pictures - especially in b&W

Buffalo Boudoir Photographer Natasha Staszak. Bridal Boudoir session.

the bridal boudoir session definitely has a touch of romance in the images - especially when wearing white.

You do not have to wear all white to your bridal boudoir photo shoot.

I also encourage you to bring at least two pieces with color. I love color and how it pops off the pages in the finished albums. Blues, reds, greens and purples are just some of the colors I shoot regularly and have that WOW factor.


You do not have to wear all white to your bridal boudoir photo shoot.

Woman in bodysuit boudoir shoot - Buffalo boudoir Natasha Staszak.

Details are key in the pieces you choose. if your pieces have interesting designs such as this beautifully designed back, it creates opportunity to create beautiful detailed vignettes in your boudoir photos.

Bridal Boudoir Buffalo NY - Natasha Staszak Photography

think about the parts of your body that you really like about yourself and choose outfits to suit. if you like your arms and shoulders, choose pieces that highlight those areas.

Boudoir shoot in Buffalo NY. Woman wearing blue bodysuit.

What is one thing you can put on and it doesn’t cost anything?

Confidence! Yes, it doesn’t come immediately, but if you can have a bit of faith and believe in yourself and trust you can do this, then that is the moment your boudoir pictures are going to SHINE!!

Believe me when I say - all my clients are regular everyday girls like you. ALL of my clients start out nervous and ALL say this is something they never dreamed of doing.

When they ease into the session and realize how much fun they are having, they begin to relax and trust that I am taking care of them and making sure they are going to LOVE their pictures. This is the time the confidence grows and that is when the magic happens and we are on the road to creating some of the most stunning pictures they will see of themselves!!

Number one Groom’s Gift! Buffalo Boudoir photography Natasha Staszak.

Don’t forget your shoes!

I always say to bring a nude and black pair of high heels if you have them. I LOVE sparkle shoes in the photo shoots too, so definitely bring those if you have them. Also, platforms are great and look really good in your boudoir pictures.

Beautiful Boudoir Pictures in Buffalo NY Studio.

i am a huge fan of red!

It is definitely a favorite of mine in boudoir portraits. Red lingerie just pops off the page and in my opinion is something that rocks that passion-vibe in boudoir pictures!

Red lingerie in Buffalo NY Boudoir photo shoot.
Red lingerie - bridal shoot in Buffalo NY.
Red lingerie for bridal boudoir shoot in buffalo ny.

show him you are thinking about him…

I like to finish my boudoir shoots with a few ‘novelty’ outfits. By this I mean anything that isn’t strictly lingerie. We do not spend as much time shooting these outfits which means you can bring a couple of them and we will find the time to shoot them. This Buffalo Bills outfit is a cute way to send a message to your man - you can pair it with a football too. Other outfit examples that have been used include his white shirt (paired with black underwear), his leather jacket and bicycle helmet (paired with black boots and bodysuit) and his flannel shirt paired with black underwear.

Buffalo Bills OUtfit for Buffalo Bridal Boudoir session.

finish your session with something casual

Boho style beach-babe such as the outfit below can be a nice way to finish out your session. Other examples can be large cardigans and off the shoulder sweaters or t-shirts, denim shorts, singlet tops - let your imagination run wild! Outfits that you can pull on the fabric or let fall off your shoulder are the perfect outfit for this type of shot.

Bo-ho style outfit for Boudoir shoot in our buffalo studio.

Each of my clients receives a Boudoir Session Prep Guide when they book their session with me. The guide is packed full with information on what to wear to a Boudoir Shoot. The guide has videos and pictures of the outfits as well as links on where to find buy them. It is a wonderful resource that helps you get the most from your session.

I also meet with my clients before their session and we talk extensively about outfits and what to wear. I love meeting with people in person as it helps break the ice before the shoot day and we can discuss in depth outfits that would work with your body type in mind and answer all of your questions.

This is the gift that he wlll absolutely love for his Groom’s Gift!!

I hope you found this helpful and that it gave you a good visual on what to bring to your own boudoir session!

Chat soon lovely lady,



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